Venison- Fat Free yet Healthy Meat

“Venison-Fat Free yet Healthy Meat”

Some time ago, venison meat was considered as the food for the poor because of its cheap price. However, now as people have realized how beneficial venison is for their health, they have actually substituted other meat types with venison. Venison is actually deer meat. You can find it at deer farms and also in many restaurants.

Lately the consumption of deer meat has increased and so did a rumour that it is not healthy or safe for humans.
However, that is not true. In fact, venison has many health benefits and is better than other red meat in many ways.

A lot of weight conscious people avoid eating meat due to the huge fat content, and thus lack the necessary proteins which their body requires to fight off diseases. However, unlike other kinds of meat, venison does not have a lot of fat content. And so, it is very good for people who want to reduce their weight. Venison contains a huge amount of protein which helps to build muscle mass and cut off body fats.

A major advantage for heart patients is that it contains a lot of B vitamins. These vitamins together prevent the build-up of amino acid in your blood streams. Amino acid increases the chances of you getting a stroke or heart disease. It also helps with prevention of cancer and makes your immune system stronger as well.

Deer meat supports the health of your skin, nails and hair due to its huge content of minerals and vitamins. Just like other red meat, venison is rich in iron too that helps to build blood cells in the body. If you are anaemic but can’t eat red meat frequently due to its huge fat content, you can consider eating venison instead. Venison has all the benefits of red meat but the only difference is that it is fat free.

If this is your first time cooking venison for a healthy meal, here are some cooking tips for you.
• Worms and parasites are very common in venison so it is advised that you freeze the meat for at least 2 hours before cooking it. This would kill them and make it safe for you to eat it.
• Venison has a gamey flavour and in order to cover that up you should use spices.
• To make sure that the meat does not become dry you can add other fats such as oil or margarine.



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