Types of Red Wine that you would Enjoy Tasting

“Red Wine”

Are you a connoisseur and always love to know more about wine and food? Do you get curious about the different names of wines when you go for dinner in a restaurant and want to know which wine is the best? If you think all wines have the same great taste, you are wrong. Some wines are more tempting and addictive than others. It all depends on the type of grape used and the process of making the wine.

Red wine has always been a popular type. You will find it in parties and dinners. The rich color and addictive taste makes red wine the choice of many people. However, even in red wine, there are different kinds and you can see what makes them different. Some of the more common factors that make these wines different are climate, temperature and place, the grapes are grown in, the amount of rain they got and even the condition of the soil at the time of cultivation. The initial steps taken by different harvesters after harvesting also makes a significant change in the taste and typeof wine produced.

The first type to be discussed is Barbera. The grapes for this wine are grown in the Piedmont region of Italy. This wine has a strong flavor and is very acidic in nature. It is used for blending purposes mostly.

Another very expensive and luxurious type of red wine is the Brunello. This is expensive because it is only permitted to Brunello Di Montalcino of the Italian region. Cabernet Franc is a more common and worldwide known brand of red wine. This wine has been in manufacturing since the late 18th century. This is not as heavy and concentrated as Barbera and Brunello. It is commonly used to make a wine called Chinon. It is found in the valley of Loire in France.

Then there is Cabernet Sauvignon. It has a very rich ruby color and can easily age for years. Its flavors are as intense as its color. A lighter red wine form is the Gamay. Authentically it is from France but it is now also being harvested in California. Of course the original type from France is more fruity and tasty as its US counterpart.

These were just some of the types of red wine that people around the world enjoy. They use it to drink, season their foods and to celebrate. Red wine is a beautiful liquid that makes the evening dinner just perfect.



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