Top Healthy Emu Meat Recipes

“Top Healthy Emu Meat Recipes”

Emu meat can be found in both fresh form and in canned tins. You can find this meat type either from a specialized individual meat producer or at specialized food stores. Currently there are hundreds of emu meat recipes through which emu meat is cooked and prepared. All these recipes make up for a very healthy and nutritious meal since emu meat is rich in nutritional value itself. High in protein content and low in fat content, emu meat recipes are also great for people who want to lose weight.

Recipe 1: Healthy meat loaf

For this unique emu meat recipe you will need around two pounds of fresh and grounded emu meat, around 1 or half cup of oatmeal, an egg, one cup of water, worcestershire sauce preferably one tablespoon, some paprika, chopped and minced onions and bell pepper.

Take a large bowl or a container and add all of the above mentioned ingredients in it. Mix them thoroughly either with hand or with a spoon whatever suits you best. If you find the mixture too thin add more oatmeal and again mix well for smooth results. Now pour the mixture into a casserole and bake it for around 30-45 minutes at a temperature of 350° f with a covered lid. Now remove the top lid and bake for additional10-15 minutes to brown the top to make it ready to serve. Serve with vegetables and fresh salad for a delicious meal.

Recipe 2: Roasted Emu Roast

For this emu meat recipe, you will need 4 to 5 pounds of emu roast, garlic, some salt and pepper, thyme, rosemary, parsley, olive oil and almost 2 cups of red wine.

Take a large bowl and mix all the spices well until they blend with each other completely. Now pour around half of this mixture over the roast and cover up. Marinate it for 5-6 hours in the fridge. Once done that, take out the roast and place it in a pan and pre heat the oven to around 350º F of temperature. Pour the left over spice mixture onto the roast followed by 1 teaspoon of olive oil and around 2 cups of red wine.

Now take a meat thermometer and place in between the roast preferably in the thickest part to get perfect readings. Bake it for 2 to 2 and a half hours until you see a reading of 150º on the thermometer.

For more effective results keep basting the roast with the pan juices every half an hour.
Serve with steamed vegetables to get a delicious and a perfectly cooked meal using the emu meat.

How is that for one meal full of Healthy Food?



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