They Laughed When I Said Bread Should Be On your Healthy Eating List!

rye bread

“My Homemade Rye Bread with added Walnuts”


It’s true. So many have laughed at me when I said that if you want a good healthy eating plan add bread. Do you know why they laughed?  Well it is because … …

Many people think that bread is not good for them, and that they should not add it to any healthy eating plan. Well, that may be true if you have a gluten intolerance, or wheat intolerance, or eat that terrible white bread from the supermarket!

Bread that is made from whole grains using each part of the grain is nutritious, so let’s look at the grains that go into most good quality breads.

Bread wheat is the most common grain used for the preparation of bread, but bread is also made from the flour of other wheat related species such as Durum, Spelt and Emmer.

Bread is also made from Rye, Barley, Maize (corn), and Oats. At times wheat is also added to these grains, but is not necessarily the norm.

rye bread

“My Homemade Rye Bread with added Walnuts”

Spelt bread (Dinkelbrot) continues to be widely consumed in Germany and I have to say it is absolutely delicious!  Oh and for those bread connoisseurs, Canadian bread is known for its heartier consistency due to high protein levels in Canadian flour.

So if you take in what I have said above, why wouldn’t bread be on your “Healthiest Foods” list for consumption every day?  In fact, if you buy fast food, and want to know  one of the healthiest fast food choices you can make, it is a sandwich made with a good quality bread with a salad and some sort of protein filling, whether it be fish, chicken or lean meat.  I am sure you can find a good deli somewhere that makes sandwiches.

To help you with your decisions about which bread to buy, which bread to add to your healthy eating list, I have listed below a few types of bread – believe me there are a lot more- which I will go into in other posts in the future. But for now, let’s start with…

Brown Bread: this is supposed to be made with 10% bran and the endosperm of the wheat, however, it can also be white bread disguised as brown by adding a caramel colouring.  So please be careful when you buy “Brown Bread” – READ THE LABEL!

Whole-grain bread: this can be wholemeal or white bread to which whole grains have been added to increase its fibre content, as in “50% whole-grain bread”.

Roti Bread: I love to eat this with delicious curries that I make. It is whole-wheat-based bread mainly eaten in South Asia, however, is available in our local bread shop and it may be available in yours, so look out for it.  You can also make delicious wraps with it.  My favourite wrap is thinly sliced tuna with salad and home made egg mayo.

Chapatti and Naan are a larger variant of roti. Naan is a leavened equivalent to these and again fabulous to eat with a curry.

Rye bread: made from the flour of rye grains in varying levels. The fibre content is very high and is often darker and stronger in flavour.  I find Rye an extremely healthy eating bread and I must admit is another one of my favourites.  I love cooking this fresh in my bread maker.

We at Healthiest Foods would love for you to comment below and let us know what your favourite bread is.

However, for now, we say goodbye and see you soon!

Psst: Before I go, do you know what to do with your stale bread? No, I do not mean throw it out, make CROUTONS!


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