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Healthiest Fast Food – An Open Discussion

Hi everyone, and welcome back. Today I would like to open a discussion by asking a question – so here it goes. Question:  What is probably one of the most secure industries in the world at this moment? Answer: The Fast Food industry! Most of us look for the quickest food choice option when we […]

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Healthiest Foods: Vegan Irish Soda Bread Easy and Simple

It is very important for us here at The Healthiest Foods, to have recipes for anyone who is vegan. Bread is one thing, that is craved in any Vegan’s Healthy Eating Plan but let’s face it, unless it is tasty, why bother! This is yet another recipe I found, an Irish Soda Bread just for […]

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Healthy Eating: Gluten FREE Bread Recipe So Simple!

Many people are allergic to wheat and the gluten in wheat or other grains. If you are gluten intolerant, and love to eat bread, you do not have to miss out. This is a great little video, I found, that I would like to share with you for making a very simple Gluten Free Bread. […]

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Healthy Eating – Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe

Have you ever tasted bread and butter Pudding? If not, try this quick simple recipe.  Healthy eating 101! Now, in the recipe you are about to see, you will see that she uses ready made custard, which I like, as to make your own, with eggs etc, is time consuming, plus then you have to place […]

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Healthy Eating Croutons – Never throw away your Stale Bread!

Do you hate waste? I know that I do, I have always been taught that left overs can be used and turned into something extremely delicious. Stale Bread is no exception, After all good quality bread is healthy eating at its best why waste it? One thing that you can do with stale bread is […]

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