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Simple Easy and Healthiest Fast Food Choices

If is such a thing, what are the healthiest fast food choices? The debate on this rages on and I think will continue on for a while yet. But what is all the controversy about? After all, food is food, and all food nourishes you, correct? No that is not correct. Most fast food comes […]

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rye bread

They Laughed When I Said Bread Should Be On your Healthy Eating List!

  It’s true. So many have laughed at me when I said that if you want a good healthy eating plan add bread. Do you know why they laughed?  Well it is because … … Many people think that bread is not good for them, and that they should not add it to any healthy eating plan. […]

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wholemeal bread

Healthy Eating Whole Meal Bread

Are you all ready for more information on bread and why it is so important for us to it add to our healthy eating plan? One thing I would like to point out about bread is that it is so versatile and it can be part of your healthiest fast food choices–  i.e. sandwiches (just […]

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Welcome to Health Food Digest

Let us ask- have you ever been in the situation, where you go to bed tired and wake tired, and in fact, say to yourself many times during the day “I am tired of being tired?” If this does sound like you, no shame there, as I think most of us would put up our […]

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