Peas for a Healthy Lifestyle

“Peas for a Healthy Lifestyle”

A Pea can be described as a vegetable seed which is extensively used in cooking in almost every part of the world. Its high nutritional value has made it the number one food item in a balanced diet. Peas can either be consumed as a side dish or with special recipes through flavoring and boiling procedures. In both cases, their true taste and health benefits remain intact.

There are three basic types of peas that are available in the market which are green peas, snow peas and snap peas. Among these three, green peas hold a commanding position due to their high nutritional value. Their nutritional profile includes 8 important vitamins, 8 core minerals, fiber and protein.

Most of the people who are familiar with peas usually remember them as a food they hated the most while they were kids. But this same group of people on becoming adults has discovered some extraordinary benefits attached with this great natural product.

Peas have some amazing health benefits most specifically for bone health. Their rich content of vitamin k and their ability to instigate osteocalcin protein into the body makes them the ultimate health food.

Due to their great nutrition content, doctors highly recommend peas be included in a diet. These are beneficial for every age group and provide some highly effective results for health. Most of the associations such as the USDA Food Patterns relate peas to the vegetable family and call them as its sub group. It also means that peas can be related to the protein food group due to their high protein content.

Aside from these basic functions, peas also contain a considerable amount of vitamin b6 and folic acid. Both these components perform some highly rich functions within the body and prevent the growth of homocysteine which is a harmful molecule and can hamper the progress of a proper bone development.

Peas also have some great benefits for blood and can effectively expand body’s blood clotting operations in an extremely commendable way through their rich quantity of vitamin k. This great nutritional value for peas has made them a super charged health food

Peas flourish exceptionally well in cool weather conditions. Moderate and moist weather is also a great place for pea cultivation. Harvesting occurs when the pea pods develop a round and swollen shape. The final product is then transferred to different companies and shops for further processing. Unless of course you are growing them in your own home vegetable garden! Pease, a super Healthy food!



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