Parsnips Recipes: Try Roasted Parsnips for a Delicious Meal

“Parsnips Recipes”

Roasted parsnips make one of the most delicious and healthy meals available today. On a recent visit to one of my friends I came across a highly tasteful meal cooked by his mother. The dish contained parsnips which were roasted and spiced up to give the ultimate taste one can get. The flavors were so good that I couldn’t recognize what the dish actually contained. Following are the essentials of this terrific parsnips recipe:


• One and a half pounds of fresh parsnips. It would be highly beneficial if you cut them in 2 inch pieces. Also don’t forget to peel them in order to attain the best results.
• Around 3 to 4 teaspoons of olive oil would do the job for you. It would be better to use extra virgin olive oil for best results.
• Basic salt according to requirement.
• Pepper.
• For vegetarians, using one third cup quantity of stock would give some nice results with the taste. Low sodium stock is also applicable.
• Around 3 to 4 teaspoons of fresh butter preferably unsalted and softened.
• 4 teaspoons of horseradish. Canned and drained horseradish gives best results.
• Flat-leaf parsley. Make sure you cut and chop them nicely to add extra detail.
• Minced chives. Around half tablespoon
• Garlic clove, minced and half in quantity.


The first step in the cooking procedure is to heat the oven at 400°F temperature. Secondly, you should try getting a larger pan especially those roasting pans that you get in the market for roasting purpose. They always give out the best results. Now put the parsnip pieces in the pan followed by olive oil, salt and pepper. Also add the broth and cover the whole mixture with an aluminum foil. Roast for 30-40 minutes until you notice a slight tenderness and softness in the parsnips appearance. Do not overcook.

Now take the rest of the ingredients such as butter, horseradish, garlic, chives etc. and mix them well with pepper and salt to completely blend them with each other. Take out the hot and spicy parsnipsfrom the oven and serve with butter and horseradish to get a totally different taste.

You can also add fries and fresh salad as a side item with this delicious meal.Try it yourself. And leave a comment….



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