New Ebook – Everything Healthy in Chocolate!

Everything Healthy In Chocolate!

Everyone loves to eat a slice of a lip smacking, moist, yummy and delicious chocolate cake, and if you are like most, one slice is not enough. Oh, what a feeling!  Unfortunately, many cake recipes are not all that healthy, and we tend to feel very guilty and even sinful because we have indulged, and tend to limit ourselves to only special occasions to immerse ourselves into that delicious slice of chocolate heaven.

Well, good news – all that can come to an end! Yes you read that right, it can all come to an end, because we have some really, “died and gone to heaven” healthy chocolate cake recipes for you to make and indulge those taste buds.

The recipes listed in our book will make your family line up for more. They are easy and simple to make and designed to be a lot more healthy than the usual recipes, due to using Spelt Flour, Dark Chocolate or Cocoa Powder that has over 70% cocoa solids and other substitutes such as sweeteners where appropriate, plus the addition of fruit and vegetables in some recipes–wow, what a bonanza! wishes to thank the many contributors to this book, who are friends of friends, family members and acquaintances.

We urge you over time to try each recipe as we know you will find each one delicious.

Happy baking!

You can purchase the Kindle Edition of the ebook for $2.99 by clicking here

You can purchase the standard ebook edition for $4.97 by clicking here


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