Green Bean Coffee Boosts Metabolism

“The beans of the coffee plant, turning red slowly”

Finally news that we all wanted to hear! Coffee and its extract may not be harmful to our health after all.

Drinking a single cup of coffee may even reduce the risks of some diseases by 50%.

But not just any coffee is this beneficial. The Green bean coffee is the healthiest of all. This coffee bean is famous for both its anti-oxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains cholorogenic acids that are proven for their effect in regulating the metabolism.

Green bean coffee is that is made from coffee beans that have not been roasted .

Unroasted green bean coffee is useful for its anti-aging benefits. As it is an anti oxidant, it removes the free radicals from the body. If the free radicals are not removed, they can destroy the cell membranes and  promote aging.

Research has shown that Green bean coffee is an even more effective anti-oxidant than grape seed extract and green tea. Now that’s something no one expected!

This coffee type is also helpful for the treatment of hypertension. People who consume regular Green bean coffee were found to have reduced levels of blood pressure.

The caffeine and cholorogenic compounds found in Green bean coffee work in combination to reduce weight.  Caffeine causes fatty acids to be released from the body’s stored fat. The cholorogenic acid helps the liver to function better and discard the access fatty acids. Taking as little as 10 grams of Green bean coffee daily for only 2 weeks will decrease the chances of gaining weight by 35 percent.

Previous myths of  bone mass being lost due to drinking coffee have also been discarded. As research shows that the very minute amount of calcium lost from drinking coffee can easily be overcome by consuming a calcium rich diet. The previous results were due to the fact that the research was conducted on elderly people who drank coffee and did not consume a healthy diet.

We discussed earlier that Green bean coffee boosts metabolism. This is done by changing the way the body accepts glucose. Up till now the Green bean coffee extract has been very promising. No side effects have been reported as yet but still the intake for pregnant women and children are yet to be researched. It is therefore important that you should consult your doctor before trying out Green bean coffee.

Have you tried Green Bean coffee?  If so, I would love to read your comments on how you have found it.  I Love it!

Until next time, all of us at The Healthiest Foods wish you good health and say bye for now.


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