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“A delicious cup of Chamomile Tea, Sweeten with Honey if you wish”

Chamomile is an herb that belongs to the daisy family. Chamomile tea  is made from the flowers of the Chamomile plant.

Chamomile tea has been used in home remedies for centuries for many different ailments. It is a great help for people with insomnia or sleeping disorders. Drinking a single cup of Chamomile Tea half an hour before going to bed is helpful in getting a good night’s sleep.

Chamomile contains ‘bisabolol.’  This active ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties and is why chamomile extract is used for the treatment of stomach and intestinal cramps. Drinking two cups daily of this tea will reduce the symptoms greatly.

Migraines and headaches have kept doctors baffled for years. When the symptoms of a migraine start surfacing, simply drink a cup of Chamomile tea. The migraine will often not get severe and will go away. The best results are obtained if the tea is taken before the migraine reaches its severity.

All those women who have spent hundreds of dollars on expensive creams to reduce their skin tone are in for a shock. Chamomile is also proved to help in lightening your skin color. Simply boil some water with 2 chamomile teabags in it and let your skin absorb its steam. Taking a soak in chamomile water also proves to be helpful.

Not only does it lighten the skin, it can reduce fatigue and dark circles. Placing cooled, used teabags of chamomile on your eyes at night for a few minutes helps reduce the dark circles ad gives you instant freshness.

Chamomile, as many other herbal products, has no side effects. You should discuss with your doctor first before taking chamomile, in case you have allergies. Also, people using blood thinning aspirins should not drink chamomile tea as it also contains blood thinning ingredients. Pregnant women are also not recommended to use chamomile. It has been reported to have the effect of inducing abortion.

Chamomile flowers are very popular and are found in various forms in local stores and pharmacies. You can buy fresh, dry or in the form of teabags. Chamomile and its extract have been proven to be a mild drink and have soothing effects. They are equally beneficially for adults as well as children. Of course the intake should be halved for children.

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