Healthy Eating – Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe

Have you ever tasted bread and butter Pudding?

If not, try this quick simple recipe.  Healthy eating 101!

Now, in the recipe you are about to see, you will see that she uses ready made custard, which I like, as to make your own, with eggs etc, is time consuming, plus then you have to place the dish you made the bread and butter pudding in, into a dish of water and watch it carefully as it cooks in the oven.

This Recipe is simple, quick and easy to do.

Another thing you will see is that she bought her bread especially to make this recipe, you can use any bread!  Yes, any bread, in fact if you have 2-3 different types of bread, use them, even stale bread, as long as it doesn’t have mold on it of course!

I am sure you will agree with me, Healthy Eating never needs to be boring!



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