Healthy Apple Recipes- Cure For All Diseases

“Healthy Apple Recipes- Cure For All Diseases”

Many of us know about various recipes and diet programs to stay healthy and fit, but we always forget to keep it all simple. The simpler you stay the better for you and your health. Reaching for your bowl of fruit, and grabbing an apple is a very wise thing you can do for you and your health.

Some healthy apple Recipes

Nothing can be better than biting a fresh and juicy apple since the fruit in its natural form has the most nutritional value. However, sometimes you can also indulge in the luxury of eating mouth-watering apple desserts like apple pie or apple puff pancake. If you are looking to make a desert then there is nothing better than an Apple strudel. This is a great way to get healthy dry fruits as well as some spices into meal.
Another example of healthy apple recipe is an Apple chicken roll up. It’s a perfect lunch for those people who are on a diet because it doesn’t contain a lot of fats.

Some health benefits of apples:

Healthy apple recipes keep you fit and fat free. Here are some health benefits of apples.
• Apples are good for your dental health. Apples help increase the production of Saliva, which in result reduces the teeth decay by starting to kill the bacteria and hence your teeth stay in good health.
• Apples not only help you control your weight but also in losing weight. According to a recent study it came to light that, women who eat 3 apples per day lose more weight than women who are dieting or working out in gym.
• Apple juice Freshly juiced, it is said is very effective for pregnant women, as it helps in reducing the chance of the baby from suffering from asthma problem when it’s born. Apart from women, kids who suffer from asthma should drink freshly juiced apple.

• You should start drinking fresh apple juice every morning because of all the health benefits. Studies have shown Apple juice helps to stimulate the brain and helps fight off much mental diseases due to its anti-oxidant properties. Apples help reduce cholesterol in your body when eaten with the skin on, which means the chances of you from suffering from a heart disease decrease. Apples also play a vital role in reducing the chance for you to get diabetes.

Due to these health benefits, you should try to incorporate as many apples in your diet as possible. Apples are certainly a Healthy Food.



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