Healthiest Fast Foods – A Sandwich??

a healthy sandwich

You’re out shopping with the kids and they are complaining that they are hungry, so  you steer them to the food court, and the choices are all fast food, and your mind goes crazy about what you should get them that is nutritious.

The easy answer is a sandwich from one of the sub sandwich chains!

A few simple steps when ordering can make this an acceptable choice when you want to find eat the healthiest fast food available.

You can get such delicious sandwiches and wraps, sandwiches that are hot, sandwiches that are cold, and you can pick what goes in them if you wish.

Plus Mom, you can save money (who of us doesn’t want to do this?) if your kids are smaller, by buying a foot long sub and cutting it in half or even into 3’s.

What you have to do is choose what fillings go into your sandwich, which is easy to do, thus making the sandwich fit the title of the healthiest fast food. Just make sure you do not go over board and blow all your good work by ordering fries on the side.

Here are some ideas to make healthier fast food choices.

Foot long Sub – no one needs to eat that much on their own, especially smaller children – a 6 inch sub is a healthier choice.

Instead of ham, bacon, or meatballs which are all high in fat, select lean meat, chicken, tuna or salmon with heaps of salad, or lettuce.

High fat Cheese, eliminate altogether or go for the low fat variety.

Extra toppings – go with salad or veggies, stack them up if you wish.

Now we come to a biggie guys, the sauces to make it taste sensational – try Low fat mayo, mustard, cracked pepper or any of their low fat sauces.

Now onto the bread – white verses wholemeal or multigrain.  Take the wholemeal or multigrain every time.

Also, do not have any butter or margarine on your bread, instead if they have avocado, ask them to spread it with a little avocado.

If you’re still hungry after this, buy a fresh fruit salad or a piece of fresh fruit, such as a banana or apple.

Drinks  – this is where you can also make a difference.  Have mineral water or decaf coffee or a cup of tea, instead of normal coke or an extra large milk shake.

Fast food needn’t be unhealthy or boring- just think before you order, and make some changes, and it will always fit into the category of “Healthiest Fast Food

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