Grass Fed Beef-A healthier Option

“Grass Fed Beef-A healthier Option”

There is a growing awareness that grass fed beef is much better than other beef in many ways. Let us take a look on how that is true and what the benefits of grass fed beef are.

The important fact is that grass fed beef not only has more health benefits but the whole system of raising the cows on a natural grass diet has an immense positive impact on the environment.

Let’s look at how grass fed beef is more nutritious than grain fed beef. For that let me give you an example of wine. Wine making is a long process and it is a fact that the taste of the wine greatly depends upon where and how the grapes are farmed.

That is exactly the case with grass fed beef. The taste of grass fed beef is much better because the cows feed naturally in a natural habitat on fresh grass. No antibiotics or hormones are added to their diet to increase growth. Hence the meat is much leaner and has a finer taste.

Nutritionally grass fed beef has more value and is healthier. The processed grain diet increases the amount of E. coli in the guts of the animal and that causes disease. So animals fed on grass are a source of much healthier meat that has up to 3 times more omega fatty acids, 10 times the amount of beta-carotene and 3 times more vitamin E.
The fact that grass fed beef is leaner and has a higher amount of omega 3 fatty acids and CLA also makes it low calorie meet and omega 3 fatty acids and CLA are known to reduce the risk of cancer.

Other than that the process of raising the animals in a natural environment and with natural diet is humane. The animals are not confined in artificial habitats and fed grain diet but allowed to feed on natural grass on acres and acres of farm land.

This also has a very positive effect on the environment. A natural balance is restored. A lot of energy is saved which is wasted in preparing the grain diet. The manure of these animals act as natural fertilizers for the land they graze on and hence acres and acres of land do not need artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

All of this adds up to less pollution because waste management is not a big problem in large farms that provide the animals with natural habitat.

Grass fed beef = a Healthy Food option that also helps the environment.



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