Emu Meat: Some Facts You Must Know

“Emu Meat: Some Facts You Must Know”

The rising name of Emu meat is the result of some recent developments in the meat industry which compelled the manufacturers to keep the health concerns of the general public in mind during production. Currently more and more meat manufacturers are working extensively to keep their productions as healthy as possible. Emu meat manufacturers are one of these producers who have brought not only a perfect alternative to red meat but have also increased the taste factor to provide their consumers an ultimate solution to their needs.

The most glaring feature of the emu meat is that it cooks very much on the lines of beef through quick absorption and marinating techniques and an increased texture and taste. It is also very easy to prepare especially for those who know how to prepare meat recipes.

To differentiate a product from the other and to know about their nutrition value we must see their content and composition. If we compare emu meat with a normal beef item we see a clear difference in their composition. A beef item has more fat in it with a very limited content of vitamins and protein. An emu meat on the other hand has a much higher protein content as compared to beef and has a very little quantity of fat in its composition.

These features provide a great number of Emu meat benefits to the consumers. The emu meat composition makes it very different from other forms of meat in the market. No fat content can be found on its outer surface and whatever the fat content is, can be found within the skin of the meat and not externally. This inner fat presence is in the form of a fat pad on the rump of the bird. Once you remove this part the emu meat becomes almost 90 percent fat-free giving some terrific health benefits.

Having an appearance and taste as a beef or turkey, doesn’t make the emu meat a member of the red meat family. In fact the health benefits and a very limited fat content make it comparable to poultry meat. This is indeed a very unique attribute associated with emu meat which is missing in any other form of meat available in the market.

You can cook emu meat in as many ways as beef and prepare lots of dishes such as kebabs, bar-b-q items and many other similar recipes. With a low fat content, it certainly has proven to be a great alternative to beef.



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    There is a recipe that my Sweetheart found that is awmosee. From Vegetarian Pleasures by Jeanne Lemlin called Pate de Legumes with lentils and green beans. Even as a meat eater I love this one. -3Was this answer helpful?

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