Easy to Cook Calamari Recipes

Easy to Cook Calamari Recipes

“Calamari Recipes”

Sea food has traditionally been considered to be very beneficial for health. Calamari,or squid,  has more nutritional value than many other seafood, and since the oceans are full of squid and it is in no danger of being over-fished, like many other species of fish, you can feel good about incorporating calamari in your regular  diet.

Not only does Calamari have countless health benefits due to the abundance of proteins, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids, it is also a very good diet for people who are calorie conscious or are on a diet. It is very low in calories if consumed raw, as in sushi, or when lightly cooked.

You can find a great variety of Calamari recipes. Though some Calamari delicacies that you find at fancy restaurants might not be very easy to cook at home, you can still find many easy to cook Calamari recipes you can try at home. You can find healthy recipes that can help you keep the calories in control, or rich and delicious recipes if you don’t worry about calorie intake.

Calamari is not only used in making a main dish but is also the ingredient of many salads, side dishes and appetizers. The basic thing you need to learn before trying any calamari recipe is how to clean it properly. If you get ready to cook canned calamari from the store, that’s another story, otherwise you will have to carefully clean and slice the calamari before cooking unless you can get freshly prepared Calamari from your fishmonger.

Cleaning the calamari can be a little messy if you are not careful. You need to separate the head first and then empty the body cavity. This will give you a hollow piece of squid meat which can be used in many recipes in which ring shaped slices of calamari meat are used. The tentacles are separated from the body and the skin is scrapped clean. They can be diced, chopped or minced as per requirement of the calamari recipe.

Grilled Calamari Salad and Grilled Calamari and Olive Salad are two really easy to prepare and healthy Calamari recipes. There are many recipes for deep fried Calamari that can easily be tried at home, but deep fried calamari along with being extremely delicious has a very high calorie count. If you have a taste for fried food you should definitely try the Tempura Fried Calamari Recipe.

If you want your kids to start eating healthy foods, squid is a fantastic choice, make Calamari Fritters and your kids will simply love the calamari rings with sweet potato chips and a tasty dip.



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