Delicious Venison Recipes

“Delicious Venison Recipes”

Venison is the name given to any type of deer meat. Deer meat is classified as red meat but is lean and low in fat plus it is very delicious. Venison is now readily available along with other types of meat and you don’t necessarily have to go hunting to get the meat.

Venison can be cooked in a variety of ways and you can find venison recipes in cookbooks and on cooking websites. Venison is not hard to cook and since it can be cooked in a variety of ways you can choose the venison recipes according to your preference.

You can make casseroles, stews, steaks and burgers etc using venison. But no matter how you are cooking venison you have to keep a few things in mind or you will end up ruining the meat.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to cook venison meat on low heat. Since the meat has lower fat content, it tends to dry up really quickly. You can marinate the meat for better cooking.
While baking the meat, it is ideal to use a meat thermometer as it helps you determine the estimated cooking time. A meat thermometer is a very handy tool for relatively inexperienced cooks.
While making pot roasts or other venison recipes that require cooking in a pot, the key is slow cooking on a low flame. It is better to keep the pot covered so that the juices don’t evaporate. Adding various ingredients to add juice is a good idea.

Also avoid using forks for turning the meat because if the meat is seared the juices escape. Try using tongs instead.
You can also find healthy venison recipes. These recipes have ingredients that add to the nutritional value of the venison meat. On the other hand if you have a taste for fat rich, fried food you can find recipes for that too.
Venison soup vegetable soup is very nutritious and quite easy to make. For the soup you will need;

Two shanks
Carrots 1 lb diced
Onions 1 cup diced
Potatoes 4 diced
Cabbage 1 head sliced
Tomatoes 1 can
Salt and pepper to taste

Place the shanks on the flame completely immersed in water. Cook until tender. Remove the meat then add to the stock all the other ingredients. Simmer until all ingredients are cooked. Take the venison off the Shank bone, add to the stock and vegetable mix, Add salt and pepper according to taste. Serve and enjoy.



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