Consuming Red wine for your Heart

“Red Wine”

Wine has many different types, tastes and colors. It all depends on the type of grape used and its quality. Red wine is the extract of black grapes which give the wine its deep color and intense flavor. Red wine has long been associated with the health of the human heart. But there are other benefits of using red wine as well.

Red wine protects against heart disease. This is the most researched area from among the benefits of red wine. But still there is confusion if we should let people consume alcohol freely. There is still debate as to whether the benefits out weigh the negative aspects of alcohol or not. Promising studies have shown that red wine has the power to increase HDL cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol. It also reduces the LDL cholesterol. This prevents in the formation of blood clots and any damage of vessels.

Doctors and researchers think that these heart healthy benefits of red wine are because there are antioxidants and flavanoidphelonics present. There are a few other health benefits that many researchers seem to connect with the consumption of red wine.

Drinking red wine may prevent the formation of kidney stones. Also, if it is taken in a moderate to low amount, you can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. It contains resveratrol that increases the brain activity.

If you smoke cigarettes, then drinking red wine may be able to reduce its harmful effects. It helps the blood vessels to relax naturally.

After reading all these benefits of red wine, you might be thinking you need to rush to the nearest store and get the best and most expensive bottle of red wine. But even having so many benefits, I still say that they are not enough to start drinking more red wine than you already do. In addition to its heart healthy benefits, it is also associated with the increase in triglycerides. You also start gaining weight if you drink red wine a lot as it contains empty calories.

The AHA also advises that there is no need to start in taking alcohol any more than you did before.

The ideal recommended intake is 2 drinks for men and one drink for women Daily. Any more than that and the alcohol does more damage than good.

So if you want to give your heart some healthy benefits, and you don’t want to start consuming red wine, you can adopt many other options that are proven to work.



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