Chick Peas for Health

“Chick Peas”

The exact time of the use of chickpeas in meals is still unknown. Some historians attribute their use with Bronze Age in ancient Greece. Through these findings we come to know of their existence in abstract form which tells us that these highly rich natural vegetable items have been in cultivation for thousands of years.

Today chickpeas are cultivated in two main forms. One is the Desi type which is mostly found in the regions of India, Africa and Mexico. The other main form is the Kabuli type which is cultivated in Afghanistan, Pakistan, NorthAfrican regions and Eastern Europe.

Chickpeas are also known as garbanzos. Their botanical classification is related to arietinum family of plants. These are cultivated annually and are the basic source of feed for both livestock animals and humans. Their importance in healthy diet is far greater than any of the food items available today. These are an important source of protein and form the basis of a balance diet for humans.

Chickpeas have numerous varieties out of their two main forms. The Dahl chickpeas also known as split ones in some parts of the world, are an important sub variety of the desi chickpeas. The Kabuli chickpeas also form some important varieties and are taken in the form of a whole seed pea. Both of these forms and their varieties are taken as a major source of nutrition in many parts of southern Asia, most specifically the Indian soil.

The great nutrition value attached with chickpeas has increased their importance in today’s world which has resulted in a rise in their consumption among the general public. Chickpeas are highly rich in vitamin B and its sub groups such as Thiamine, Niacin, and Vitamin B12. They also contain Vitamin, C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K which makes them the ultimate natural ingredient for a perfectly formed healthy diet.

Chickpea nutrition value is the key element in major food recipes such as hummus and pasta salads. This great natural food helps in many diseases and health issues. The presence of amino acids in chickpeas helps greatly in the repair and maintenance of muscle mass and also stabilizes the production of hormones in their true form.

Currently, the chickpea nutrition value is frequently gauged and used in health food industry through which hundreds of products are manufactured each year for a healthy lifestyle among the masses.

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