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Peppermint Tea-Benefits and Side Effects

Peppermint tea has a very soothing and pleasant flavor. Peppermint herb is known for its therapeutic properties and peppermint tea is widely used around the word not only for the good taste but for the countless benefits it has. Peppermint constitutes of some 40 compounds, Menthol, Menthone and Menthyle Acetate being a few of them. […]

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Peas for a Healthy Lifestyle

A Pea can be described as a vegetable seed which is extensively used in cooking in almost every part of the world. Its high nutritional value has made it the number one food item in a balanced diet. Peas can either be consumed as a side dish or with special recipes through flavoring and boiling […]

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Parsnips – Great Nutritional Benefits

Many people say the look of a Parsnip is like a large white carrot but with a completely different taste! In fact, It is related to the tall vegetable type that ties with the Parsley family of foods. Parsnips cultivation and maturity can take up to 5 to 6 months depending on the weather conditions. […]

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Are Alfalfa Sprouts Healthy To Eat ?

Do you know what an alfalfa sprouts is? Alfalfa is a unique plant that can be grown in almost any part of the world, and in any season and temperature. The sprout of this remarkable plant can be harvested in just 7 days. Alfalfa sprouts are grown from the seeds of alfalfa and they are […]

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sweet potato

Sweet Potato – a Versatile Healthy Food

Hands up ,who doesn’t like Sweet Potatoes?  Hmm only a few of you, which is so good to see. My family and I love a good sweet potato and I make some yummy recipes from it, which pleases me as I know they are getting some great healthy food to eat. Did you know, the […]

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