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Peas for a Healthy Lifestyle

A Pea can be described as a vegetable seed which is extensively used in cooking in almost every part of the world. Its high nutritional value has made it the number one food item in a balanced diet. Peas can either be consumed as a side dish or with special recipes through flavoring and boiling […]

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Benefits of Eating Calamari

Is Calamari a Healthy food? Yes with a capital “Y”. Consuming calamari has countless health benefits. It is one of the richest sources of protein along with many other essential nutrients that are needed to keep the human body healthy. Calamari can be prepared in many different ways and can be enjoyed as a high […]

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Fish-the Ultimate Healthy Food

A well balanced diet is very important for keeping the body healthy. The right amount of all nutrients, which includes vitamins, minerals and fats etc. is essential to keep internal organs healthy and maintain a healthy body function. If the body is deficient in any of these nutrients it can affect the overall health of […]

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Healthy Foods-Types of Fish to Eat

Fish, if consumed regularly can save a person from many problems like arthritis, poor eyesight, high cholesterol and some other cardiovascular problems, miscarriage and pregnancy complications, depression and many other health problems. In fact fish is known as the ultimate anti aging food since it is nutritious and the proteins and omega 3 fatty acids […]

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