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How to Cook Grass Fed Beef-A Few Tips

Grass fed beef is different than its counterpart grain fed beef hence you need to cook it slightly differently to get best results. What makes grass fed beef different is that it is leaner and has a different constitution of fats. So if you overcook grass fed beef, chances are that you will end up […]

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Delicious Venison Recipes

Venison is the name given to any type of deer meat. Deer meat is classified as red meat but is lean and low in fat plus it is very delicious. Venison is now readily available along with other types of meat and you don’t necessarily have to go hunting to get the meat. Venison can […]

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Beef Stew with Red Wine Is A Tasty Treat

Healthy Food – Yummy – Beef stew with red wine.This is among the quintessential recipes that are cooked in many different restaurants in western countries. The stew is usually made of the rough and inexpensive parts of the meat which has to be cooked for quite a long time to become tender and moist. (Slow […]

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