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Healthiest Fast Food – An Open Discussion

Hi everyone, and welcome back. Today I would like to open a discussion by asking a question – so here it goes. Question:  What is probably one of the most secure industries in the world at this moment? Answer: The Fast Food industry! Most of us look for the quickest food choice option when we […]

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Healthiest Fast Foods – A Sandwich??

You’re out shopping with the kids and they are complaining that they are hungry, so  you steer them to the food court, and the choices are all fast food, and your mind goes crazy about what you should get them that is nutritious. The easy answer is a sandwich from one of the sub sandwich […]

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Simple Easy and Healthiest Fast Food Choices

If is such a thing, what are the healthiest fast food choices? The debate on this rages on and I think will continue on for a while yet. But what is all the controversy about? After all, food is food, and all food nourishes you, correct? No that is not correct. Most fast food comes […]

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