Blueberries an Interesting History

blueberries healthiest foodsPart of This post The history of the blueberry in “…” is not my own work, it is taken from the site, who in turn sourced this information from U.S. Geological Survey (May 2011)..

As I said in my previous post I feel that this information is so interesting, that I have chosen to dedicate a blog post to it.

So here goes Verbatim “…”

“Botanists estimate blueberries burst onto the scene more than 13,000 years ago!

Blueberries are indigenous to North America and have deep roots in our country’s history. When Europeans arrived on the continent, the Native Americans were already enjoying blueberries year-round.

They dried blueberries in the sun and added them whole to soups, stews and meat, or crushed them into a powder rubbed into meat as a preservative.

According to legend, Native Americans gave blueberries to the pilgrims to help them make it through their first winter.

The Native Americans were just as energized by blueberries as people are today, and developed folklore around the dynamic little blue fruit.

Tribal elders recounted how the Great Spirit sent “star berries” to ease the children’s hunger during a famine. They called blueberries “star berries” because the blossom end of each berry – the calyx – forms a perfect five-pointed star.

The Native Americans used blueberries (and their leaves and roots) for medicinal purposes, and developed one of the first blueberry baked goods, which they called Sautauthig (pronounced sawi-taw-teeg). This simple pudding made with blueberries, cracked corn (or samp) and water was a Native American favorite. Sautautig became popular among the settlers too; they added milk, butter and sugar to the recipe, and many historians believe it was part of the first Thanksgiving feast”

You can enjoy blueberries in many ways, just like the ancients did, it is a very healthy food.

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