An Easy Apple Pie Recipe

An Easy Apple Pie Recipe

“Apple Pie Recipe”

There isn’t a better feeling than to make an apple pie yourself, and eating it with your family and friends. Not everyone knows how to make a simple apple pie and with so many different pie recipes, it can get confusing when you have to choose a recipe to follow.
Most of the recipes are very complicated. If you are making a pie for the first time, this easy apple pie recipe might be useful for you.


• Pastry for 2 crusts of the Pie
• 8 cups of sliced baking apples
• Two table spoons lemon juice
• 2 and a half white cup flour
• 2 table spoons of sugar
• cold butter, broken into small pieces. A half cup is enough.
• 8 table spoons of ice water.
• Milk
• Eggs
• 8 apples ( preferable to be of medium sized) Cored but not peeled
• Margarine
• Half tea spoon of Ground and nutmeg and cinnamon each.


1. Pour the sugar and salt on the flour and stir until it combines.
2. Add the cold butter; you should make sure to cut the butter with a knife and while mixing not to over mix it.
3. Add water and mix it until the dough is kneaded and is smooth.
4. Move the dough on a light surface and cut it into 2 pieces.
5. Flatten each half into a disk and wrap it in plastic wrap. You should put it in the refrigerator for the night or at least 4 hours.
6. Roll one half of the pastry to fit a 9 inch pie plate. If it doesn’t then cut the edges.
7. Add the filling (see instructions below)
8. Roll out the second half of dough and place it over the top of the ingredients and seal the edges with a fork or by hand.
9. Heat the oven at 425 degrees. Place in the Pie and back for 30-40 minutes or until golden brown.
10. For the filling of the pie you should
a. Slice the apple into equal parts and mix sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and salt in a big bowl.
b. Add the apples and stir it.
c. Pour it into the pastry pie plate and dot the top with the margarine.

Serve with Ice cream, cream (Or both!) or piping hot custard.
This is not only an easy recipe but a Healthy Food Recipe in disguise, If followed correctly, it will give you a really delicious apple pie that is sure to make you lick your fingers. And ask for more!



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