Healthy Food – The Apple and Its Many Benefits

We have all heard the most popular axiom about an apple; an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But, how many of us actually know what are the health ...

Are Alfalfa Sprouts Healthy To Eat ?

Do you know what an alfalfa sprouts is? Alfalfa is a unique plant that can be grown in almost any part of the world, and in any season and temperature. ...

Fish-the Ultimate Healthy Food

A well balanced diet is very important for keeping the body healthy. The right amount of all nutrients, which includes vitamins, minerals and fats etc. is essential to keep internal ...

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Easy to Cook Calamari Recipes

Sea food has traditionally been considered to be very beneficial for health. ...

Some Facts About Butter Beans Nutrition

Butter Beans belong to the legume family, which is basically includes beans ...

Beef Stew with Red Wine Is A Tasty Treat

Healthy Food – Yummy – Beef stew with red wine.This is among ...

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Welcome to Health Food Digest

Let us ask- have you ever been in the situation, where you go to bed tired and wake tired, and in fact, say to yourself many times during the day “I am tired of being tired?” If this does sound like you, no shame there, as I think most of us would put up our […]

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Food Magic: Making Healthy Food Delicious

DO YOU KNOW THE SECRET ON HOW TO MAKE HEALTHY FOOD DELICIOUS? This guy does! Well, yeah. We all want to eat healthy but the main problem is, not all healthy food are delicious.. so of course, we all want to please our taste buds and eat something delicious over something healthy. The good news […]

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Get a Bikini Ready Body with Proper Eating

AIMING FOR THAT BIKINI BRIDGE THIS SUMMER? Summer time! You can see all the other girls flaunting their bikinis at the beach.. and here you are, still trying to lose some extra pounds so you can still wear your perfect swimsuit before summer’s over. Well, you don’t really have to go crazy doing all these […]

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What We Don’t Know About Food

DO YOU REALLY KNOW HOW FOOD IS PROCESSED INSIDE YOUR BODY> We all need food. We love to eat food. But do we really know everything about the food we eat? Do we know how we process food and how we convert it to energy? This documentary is an eye opener. You will understand everything […]

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Healthy Preggo: Delicious and Healthy Diet for Expectant Moms

HEALTHY DIET FOR PREGNANT WOMEN! When you’re pregnant, your body requires much more nutrients not only for you but also for the growing baby inside you. Therefore, as a responsible mom-to-be, it’s your job to eat and live healthier. That means, you have to give up your not so healthy habits like eating junk food, […]

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Healthy Tips: What Champions Are Eating

THE MIAMI HEAT TEAM TELLS THEIR SECRETS! Yes, the guys from Miami Heat shares their health secrets. Well, they weren’t be those guys we look up to without discipline and hard work. These guys share their diet secrets during training and how they are able to keep their body fit. Watch the Miami Heat team […]

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